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The rules below apply on the whole wiki. Please respect these rules. If you think it's better to remove or add a rule, discuss this on the forum to see what the community think of it.


  • Don't use bad language and behavior
  • Be friendly to everybody on the wiki
  • Don't spam
  • Don't vandalize the wiki
  • Please refrain yourself from posting personal game information such as Xbox Live/PSN ID's and/or account name in the pages or comments section. You are however allowed to post it in wall messages.


  • Don't add pages which are not about the topic
  • Don't add bad language or/and bad pictures to pages
  • Please use a good title

We would like it if you edit pages like described below.


  • Don't add useless or double categories
  • Don't add bad language and pictures to category pages


  • Don't add bad pictures
  • Don't add pictures which are not about the topic


  • Don't use bad language and behavior
  • Don't spam
  • Listen to admins/founder/chat mods if they want you to stop with something
  • Talk in the language which other people can speak
  • Don't link inappropriate content

Breaking the rules will result in a warning. If a user break the rules often it's possible an admin will block this user. If a user spams or vandalize on the wiki it's possible an admin blocks this person directly.

Standard Layout of PagesEdit

All pages on the wiki have a standard layout (except some special ones). Please always use this layout:

  • Add an infobox on the page
  • Add some text (optional)
  • Add extra picture(s) (optional)
    • You can add the most important one in the infobox
  • Add the template {{Box}} to the bottom of the page


If you're going to write the first review please start with the following code:

|Pagename= "name of the page here"

Start with a title which tells people what you think, for example "Good drifting" or "Not very special but also not bad". You can make a title by setting the text between 2x a =. Below the that you can write your review. Think about what was good and bad, what you like or dislike about the aspects of it and maybe for who it's suitable. After that you can give it a mark between 1 and 10. At the end please don't forget to sign your review with your own signature. You can do that by adding ~~~~ at the end.

Infobox CodesEdit

You can use the following codes to use an infobox:

For carsEdit

{{Infobox standard
|Box title = Opel Kadett GT/E 16v
|image = File:Dirt 3 Opel 001.png
|imagewidth = 300
|Row 1 title = Class:
|Row 1 info = [[70's Class|70's]]
|Row 2 title = Disciplines:
|Row 2 info = [[Rally]]<br/>[[Head 2 Head]]
|Row 3 title = Power:
|Row 3 info = 240bhp
|Row 4 title = Weight:
|Row 4 info = 950kg
|Row 5 title = Drivetrain:
|Row 5 info = RWD
|Row 6 title = Liveries:
|Row 6 info = Opel Racing<br /> 
Castrol Racing <br />
Oxy Motorsport <br />
Kenwood Racing <br />
Oakley Racing 

You can change all the information after the "=", but please don't change the text in a row with "title".

For locationsEdit

{{Infobox standard
|Box title = Finland
|image = File:Dirt 3 Finland view 001.jpg
|imagewidth = 300
|Row 1 title = Disciplines:
|Row 1 info = [[Rally]]<br/>[[Rallycross]]<br/>[[Trailblazer]]<br/>[[Cat 'n' Mouse]]
|Row 2 title = Surface:
|Row 2 info = Asphalt
|Row 3 title = Stages:
|Row 3 info = Hanisjarventie<br/>

You can change all the information after the "=", but please don't change the text in a row with "title".

For disciplinesEdit

{{Infobox standard
|Box title = Rally
|image = File:Dirt 3 Peugeot S2000 002.jpg 
|imagewidth = 300
|Row 1 title = Cars
|Row 1 info = [[Pro Class]]<br />[[Open Class]]<br />[[S2000 Class]]<br />[[90's Class]]<br />[[Group B Class]]<br />[[80's Class]]<br />[[70's Class]]<br />[[60's Class]]<br />[[Raid Class]]
|Row 2 title = Locations
|Row 2 info = [[Michigan]]<br />[[Kenya]]<br />[[Norway]]<br />[[Finland]]
|Row 3 title = Goal:
|Row 3 info = Get the fastest time
|Row 4 title = Counting:
|Row 4 info = Time

You can change all the information after the "=", but please don't change the text in a row with "title".

User BoxEdit

If you want to have a user box on your profile with some information about your favourite things and scores in the game you can copy/paste the following code:

{{Infobox User 
|Box title= 
|Favourite Car= 
|Favourite Location= 
|Favourite Discipline= 
|Driver Reputation Score= 
|Fanbase Rewards Score= 

You can change all the information after the "=".

More HelpEdit

If you need more help you can always ask an admin or chat mod for more help.